Celine parade: come on, we'll meet on the roof of the castle

In my community, we keep telling ourselves that nothing at the moment is completely galvanizing, nor does it awaken enough desire so that, even without going to afford unaffordable clothes, we at least have the desire to imitate the look.We all live on our achievements, and when we invest in a pair of sneakers, it's a party.Since the party, otherwise, we can not do it.We start dreaming of an after which would contain the solution, as if it was necessary to send the ball very far into the future to hope to see it bounce.

And here is Hedi Slimane offers us, at Céline (fall 2021 collection), a fashion as he has the secret, that is to say drawn from the very young, remastered into something impeccable and relentless , and creates such a dose of desire that it's well worth talking about, and not just a little!

The irruption of youth

So here it is, it's happening at the Château de Chambord, icy exactly like the day today.The music is a French military march, on the drum, even if it is associated with a song (Time slip, the Loom).Riders dressed in black ride white horses, the skeins of Chambord stone are outlined like Calais lace in the chalk-white sky.A young man looks at all this.But "all that", what? An invasion? Of the visit? Visitors ? A rave? No, let's say more generally the irruption of youth in this so venerable castle, petrified like all respectable castles, petrified but immortal.

Posted Date: 2021-02-12

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